ACUAD Consulting & Investment was incorporated by two partners in 2013. Both being master’s graduates, one of the partners has studied management and the other law. With the merge of expert forces, ACUAD was born.

Modernized and developed living standards have brought the need of a reliable and professional consulting company in construction and real estate sector. We are providing the fulfillments for these requirements to our customers and clients in the Middle East and North Africa through a structure that is long-termed, that will change habits completely, and that might provide highest-level services.

ACUAD has gained experience that is suitable for the culture of the target group by being in the professional business life with Arab and Turkish partners for many years. Accordingly we have brought together the real estate property investment and consultancy as well as legal services under the same roof through our unique expertise. We provide services in the field of real estate consultancy, buy and sell, registration, commercial investments and legal consultancy for the foreign investors in Turkey.

ACUAD produces solutions in rapid and international standards and undersigns reliable reports thanks to its experienced experts, scientific methods, and developed technological infrastructure. We consider the contribution to our clienst, employees, business world and country as an understanding of our profession.