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Real estate, law and so on. As a member you can ask all your questions to us.

nokta  1- Is it possible for foreigners to own real estates in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners can own real estates in Turkey taking into account that the land is not in the military zones, rural, or any land belonging to the state in general

nokta 2- How many apartments can I have

There is no limitation for the number of the real estates you want to buy

nokta 3- What are the required documents when I decide to buy a real estate in Turkey?

A passport valid for at least 6 months.

nokta 4- How much should I pay as a tax for buying a real estate?

1- Registration and Transfer tax of the real estate which is 4% of the price pa’d only once.
There are some other simple expenses (Earthquakes Insurance / insert water bills, gas and electricity etc.)

nokta 5- Who will be assisting me during official affairs

Our proffesional language skilled staff will be with you from the beggining to the turnkey

nokta 6- Can I invest through my real estate?

Yes, you can rent your home and buy it as well.

nokta 7- Can I sell my apartment before ending the installments

Yes, you can but there are some diffrent regulations depending on the project you have buyed from

nokta 8- Do I need a residence permit to own real estates in Turkey?

You do not need a residence permit to buy a house. In addition law gives the owners of real estates in Turkey a stay for a year.

nokta 9- What are the required documents to get residence permit?

• A passport.
• Contract for the purchase of the house.
• Four photographs .
• Photocopy of the main page of your passport, the page containing the validity of the visa, and that contain entry stamp.

nokta 10- Do I have to open a bank account in Turkey and what are the documents I need ?


It is not necessary to open a bank account.
The documents are:
• A valid passport
• Tax number you get from the department of taxation

nokta 11- Can I get a loan from Turkey against the mortgage of the property that I’ve purchased?

Yes, you can get a loan from Turkey against the mortgage of the property you have

nokta 12- Is it possible to ensure home and property with insurance company in Turkey?

Yes, there are many local and international insurance companies that offer insurance services for real estates and properties.

nokta 13- How much time does it take to get the title?

The registration in the department of land registry and obtaining the title takes From 2 to 5 months, because the procurement official papers are sent to the competent military authorities to carry out the necessary audit, to make sure that the property is not located near military zone.
Necessary documnets
1- A valid passport
2- Four photographs
3- Tax number

nokta 14- Is it possible to bequeath property for those who want to without restrictions?

There are no restrictions on the issue of inheritance, in the case of absence of will the property will be owned by the rightful heirs.

nokta 15- Can I take my money to my country in the event of the sale of my property in Turkey?

There are no restrictions on taking your money to your country

nokta 16- What is the valid currency during buy and sell

The valid currency is Turkish Liras but there are some project work with USD

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