Property Investment Consultancy


ACUAD are located in the following activities

nokta Real estate consulting

nokta Sell and buy on behalf of foreigns
nokta Following registration procedures
nokta Real estate development
nokta Revaluation of properties
nokta Deed status inquiry, legal status, zoning, debt and foreclosures researches

nokta Feasibility studies, Market researchrı

nokta Real estate and investment valuation studies

nokta Analyses for commercial structures e.g. shop, office

nokta Hotel, resort and accommodaiton facilities analyses

nokta  Shopping Centers area and location research and valuation

nokta Investment and performance evaluation

nokta Legal and financial advice on real estate projrects

nokta Legal and financial advice on joint ventures and company takeovers

nokta Urbanization and urban transformation projects consultancy

Types and forms of real estate services in our portfolio are as follows:

nokta Registration, buy-sell and procurement services for all kind of houses  for residential or investment porpuses

nokta Legal and communication services from agreement until turnkey,

nokta Procurment of agricultural lands for investment porpuses, buy-sell and registiration service

nokta Procurment of industrial or residential land for investment, buy-sell and registration,

nokta Procurment of lands for real estate development, preparation of related projects, construction on the land, marketing activities for produced commercial or residential units and registrations.