Import and Export Consultancy


H. Cahid Usta, one of the founders of ACUAD, is a graduate of management administration and has been conducting foreign trade activities for the last 10 years. In the light of his experiences, our firm provides the foreign trade consultancy services in a professional manner.

Services Provided In This Scope

nokta To contact with the seller/purchaser firms to be requested or nominated by the clients on the Import/Export market, to arrange the meeting environment in the country of the preferred party, to initiate the purchase/sale discussions;

nokta To determine the definition, specification, and standard of the product to be marketed/purchased and prepare/create the English-Arabic versions

nokta To give or receive proposals and pro-forma invoices according to the instructions of the customers

nokta To take part in the discussions regarding sales or purchases relating to products in representation of or together with the customers, to  place orders/proposals, to sign contracts and conduct and/or or assist in conducting the final connection;

nokta To assist in finding the forwarder/carrier firms, conducting the freight/charter party contracts, and supervision of the loading/discharge operations,

nokta To assist in the preparation and application of the payment transactions (like opening letter of credit, etc.) conducted during the connection talks

nokta To assist in/follow up the Import/Export customs transactions

nokta To support the product related promotional activities in the commercial fairs and exhibitions, etc.;

nokta To provide the product samples from the manufacturer/importer firms in foreign countries or to provide them from the importer/distributor firms, etc.;

nokta To provide support in the testing operations of the product samples, where necessary, etc