Legal Consultancy

ACUAD is expert in Law!

Through the possibilities provided by the fact that one of the founders is a lawyer and able to utilize the Arabic and English languages effectively, ACUAD provides services for the foreigners in Turkey based on being a party in the disputes, defending or disclosing rights, and guidance.
During the commercial consultancy services, the agreements drawn up by ACUAD Consultancy are prepared in line with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Law and in the manner that they will be suitable for the conditions of Turkey and that they will have the power for the protection of the investors to the maximum extent. In order to do this, it cooperates with the strong law offices as the solution partners.
In addition, as Mr. Mehmet Akif Can, a founding partner of ACUAD, is an authorized legal representative of the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, shows the perfection of ACUAD in this field..

Services Provided In This Scope

nokta Company Incorporation

nokta Company Purchases

nokta Company Marriages

nokta Real Estate Property Law

nokta General Law Advisory